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If you want to effectively plan their professional and career development, obtaining accurate and timely information from people with considerable experience in areas such as marketing, sales, management, changing logistics, etc., we are pleased to offer the following training programs:

  1. Telephone sales;
  2. Direct sales;
  3. Technology sales services;
  4. Fundamentals of logistics;
  5. Practical Marketing;
  6. Time Management;
  7. Communication in management;
  8. HR - Manager (School of HR-a);
  9. School recruiter;
 10.Shkola Secretary;
 11.Karera in maritime business;
 12.Anti - NLP
Group for each course is individually, taking into account the professional level, the goals and aspirations of the participants.

For professionals who already have a base of experience and want to improve their skills, a special training program - seminars, where it is possible not only to obtain a working knowledge of the coach, but also to discuss your questions, nestadartnye find effective solutions to the challenges that arise in their work.

In addition, our specialists developed exclusive course "Anti - NLP", which avoids manipulation, helps to preserve and protect their own opinion, not falling under the influence of people who own NLP technologies.

What is the difference of our programs from those offered by other companies?
Our training programs are designed and conducted by trainers - practitioners who have their own experience in the above areas.



   Building a career in the marine business

c June 15, 2012

Agree, today, no university of Ukraine can not say that its graduates are qualified to start work immediately in the field of shipping, logistics and foreign trade.
Where, then, are taken by qualified personnel working in transport, freight forwarding, Ship Agencies and other companies of the maritime industry?
How to start your career in this topic?
How to achieve further professional development?
The training enables young professionals to find answers to these questions and covers the following topics in detail:

  1. Choice of profession: the competence of specialists in the field of freight forwarding.
  2. Choice of: classification of companies working field of foreign trade. The structure of the freight forwarding companies.
  3. Basic rules of resume writing and job search.
  4. Interviewing skills.
  5. Planning for further professional and career growth.

Date: From June 8 every Friday from 17.00 to 19.00.
Training duration: 10 academic hours.
Price: 500 USD. VAT. The training includes handouts, coffee breaks. Upon completion of the certificate of participation.

Forwarding. Logistika.Uspeshnye sale

7.8 July 2012

What is a technology sales?
Agree, everyone has a good specialist tools:
the worker - machine, the singer - the voice, the surgeon's scalpel ...

A tool sales specialist? Where to buy it?
How to learn to skillfully wield it and hone it to work with him was easy and pleasant?
This training will help to answer these questions.

The training program includes:

  1. Marketing techniques in SALES specialist: a systematic analysis of the market and search for potential customers.
  2. Telephone calls: how to get people to really make the decision in the client company. How to arrange a meeting. "Chips" phone calls.
  3. Personal meeting with a client: it includes the preparation for the meeting. 5 key steps in the negotiations.
  4. The secrets of nonverbal communication: facial expressions and gestures of the interlocutor.
  5. How to successfully overcome the doubts and objections of the customer? Technology to achieve success in the negotiations.
  6. Conclusion of the contract: what is important when making a deal.

    Training duration: 10 academic hours.
    Price: 900 UAH. VAT. The training includes handouts, coffee breaks. Upon completion of the certificate of participation.

       Persnalom management (HR) in the TPP


July 14, 2012

Who is not familiar with the phrase "If you want to get the job done well and on time - do it yourself"? But this is not the only stumbling block for those who are in charge of the department or the whole company.

Here are some of the issues most frequently encountered by managers:

- Non-financial motivation: how to increase the motivation of subordinates to work without a pay raise, or "risk losing their jobs?"
- Most of the time and effort spent on system maintenance, no energy left to develop. Is it possible to offer better performance for the day and at the same time less tired?
- What are the functions of the head to retain, and what tasks can confidently delegate to subordinates?
- How best to distribute tasks among employees?
- How to create an understanding in the team?
- Is it possible to increase the efficiency of the department without having to increase staff?

If such questions arise and you you will be a very interesting program of training - seminara.On provides technology and tools to find a successful solution to the above problems and improve the efficiency of the team.

Date: July 14, 2012
Training duration: 10 academic hours.
Price: 1000 USD. VAT. The training includes handouts, coffee breaks. On completion is issued a certificate of participation

Training tailored to the specific segment of the FEA, kontenernyh pervozok and logistics.

   Possession of these technologies can increase the number of clients and successes, saving time, improving efficiency of telephone and personal negotiations with customers.

Reviews of participants of previous projects

 Attended training in sales techniques.
 Was pleasantly surprised, although a certain amount of training, which has been involved, this training is particularly good, removes barriers to communication with old and new customers, provides the technology to find new customers. Present methods of finding customers on the phone, as well as direct sales of new client. The day after the training I called all the old customers, invite them to continue partnership in a new company. Before that, there was always a barrier to promote the new proposal.  Special thanks to coach, wise, intelligent, experienced in the field, which is able to lead a group, holding her in the voltage and get results!


 Director of

Training like. Very informative, educational. He reigned a very friendly atmosphere, which is important when people come to learn. Sorry, did not have time to review all the material that was planned. But it is clear - while there is a lot of unforeseen topics for discussion, which, of course, to some extent, more important, because people tend to come to the training since any problems, questions, to which they stalknulis in today, and the main aim and the fact is, to get an answer. Thanks again to the organizers and coaches for the event.

Elena Sitnikova

Sales Manager

forwarding company


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