Personnel training program.

Relevant and well-planned training program will enable timely develop the knowledge and skills needed for effective teamwork.

For this we offer:

  • Drafting courses (developed individually, taking into account the problems that result from training will successfully meet experts who participated in the program);
  • Conducting trainings, seminars, and other programs of the personnel, the customer prefers, in Ukraine and abroad;
  • Program to assess the effectiveness of training programs

Training topics:

  1. Technology sales: "Direct and indirect sales," "Technology telephone sales", "sales of services".
  2. Time management: time management.
  3. Practical Marketing (includes a variety of programs, depending on the specific market segment).
  4. "Team Building", "One Team" - training that enhances team spirit and cohesion of the team that always has a positive effect on the work of the department or company.
  5. "Corporate Culture".
  6. "Employee Motivation"
  7. "Your role in the company": the program to assess the professional level, his personal properties, to define its role in the company.
  8. "Conflict management"  

In the development and implementation of training involved professionals - who have a personal practice of successful experience in a given field. The program for each training seminar or corporate game is developed individually, taking into account the goals that the company wants to achieve as a result.

Priority in the work is to understand the needs of the customer and the use of precisely the tools and methods that will most effectively solve the problem. Once these programs your employees will not only be more productive, but it will bring them happiness, and their high motivation and effort to have a positive impact on the work of your company.

In addition, you can order the following services:
1. General characteristics of the staff.
2. ASSESSMENT center and other methods of assessment of competencies of staff.
3. Development of effective job descriptions.
4. Conformity assessment of the structure and objectives of the company staff.
5. Statement of the personnel office.
6. Create internal and external mission.
7. Formation and implementation of corporate standards.
8. Analysis and development of the program of employee motivation.

The use of these programs allows an objective evaluation of the effectiveness of each employee in the workplace and determine the main directions of development in order to better achieve the set objectives.


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